About us

Atlantika was created in 2003 with the ambition to become a leader in the supply of ingredients for the Surimi seafood industry in Europe.

Atlantika works with two mains partners specialized in the production of flavors and colorings:
Qingdao Baite Co., Ltd, based in Qingdao, China
Eusa Colors, based in the south of France

Qingdao Baite Co., Ltd, based in Qingdao, in the Shandong Province of  China, was founded in cooperation with Korean and Chinese partners specialized in seafood flavors and extracts.
Aggressive investment in Research and Development together with a long experience and close relationship with the Surimi seafood industry has allowed to create a large range of flavors and tastes well adapted to the needs of the market. The factory is HACCP approved.

Eusa Colors, based in the south of France, is the main carmine producer in Europe and a specialist of natural colors and spices such as paprika, curcumine, pepper, etc. The partnership with Atlantika extended their know-how to the processing of colorings and flavorings for Surimi seafood. Particularly Eusa Colors developed proprietary technology for non-bleeding colors based on carmine and developed a large range of seafood flavors. The factory is certified ISO 22000.

During the past six years, Atlantika has acquired a solid international reputation in Colors and Flavors for Surimi seafood and has developed a large range of SURICOLORS & SURIFLAVORS for this industry.

More recently, Atlantika built up strategic alliances with some other ingredients producers to enlarge its offer and services to the Surimi and Surimi seafood industry including:

- egg white powder (standard & high gel) from South-America
- starches : native & modified tapioca starch from Vietnam and Thailand, wheat starch from Lithuania, potato starch, corn starch from different origins.

Atlantika has its own technical specialists and consultants in the field of Surimi and Surimi seafood and is willing to share this know-how for the benefit of its customers.

Atlantika's goal is to provide high quality technical products and commodity ingredients at competitive prices.