CRAB AROMA is obtained by blending natural crab extract and synthetic flavors. Our laboratory at Eusa Colors in France is fully equipped with GC-MS for analysis of chemical aroma and for the development of synthetic key bases used in our flavors.

NATURAL CRAB EXTRACT is obtained by hydrolysis of blue swimming crab at Qingdao Baite factory. Natural crab extract gives the base and contributes to the flavor stability during the shelf life of Surimi products.

SEASONINGS are compounds of amino-acids, nucleotides, hydrolyzed fish protein and other natural taste enhancers – usually in powder form. The purpose of this ingredient is to enhance the taste (umami) of the product.

BOOSTER or MIRIN FLAVOR is based on white wine, glucose and synthetic flavor. Its purpose is to enhance the aroma and mask the fishy smell of Surimi.

Compound Flavors
COMPOUND FLAVORS are balanced compositions of the 4 ingredients (aroma, extract, seasoning & booster) to optimize the profile and impact of the seafood flavor and meet specific customer targets in terms of cost and composition. Advantages of compound flavors include reduced labor cost for the user, easier quality control, better stability, easier supply & inventory control.

ATLANTIKA offers a large panel of flavors of crab, lobster, shrimp, salmon, oyster, crawfish, etc, including MSG free, HVP free, 100% natutal flavors, etc.
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