COLORS for SURIMI Crabsticks and Chunks
Red and Orange colors are based on the natural pigments carmine and paprika.

A large spectrum of colors from orange to purple red is obtained from these two pigments.

is the base for orange color. Paprika oleoresins are standardized by blending different lots, mixed with natural antioxidants to insure good resistance to light denaturation and diluted with vegetable oil to obtain the desired concentration.

Carmine is the base pigment for red color. Carminic acid is extracted from dried cochineal by hot water, then carmine is formed by complexation with aluminium and calcium.

Atlantika offers “non-bleeding” colors produced without additives through a special technology developed by Eusa Colors to insolubilize the carmine pigment by complexation at high temperature.

Carmine and paprika pigments are combined in stable emulsions to provide a large panel of red to orange colors.
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